Thursday, April 22, 2010

Elle the photographer

Whenever anyone asks Elle what she wants to be when she grows up she says, "a mom and a photographer."

Well, she's growing up way too fast because she had her first real photo shoot as a "photographer" last month.
And boy howdy did she ever do a great job!

I was her "assistant" and it was so funny (and I must say incredibly cute) to watch her prepare. I could tell she was so nervous and it brought back exactly how I used to feel before going out to capture the "unknown." She gathered some good props and we drove over meet up with this darling family who we'd never met before at "our" beautiful green field.

About five minutes into the shoot just as Elle was getting in her groove a woman pulled up in a Hummer and stomped on over to let us know on no uncertain terms that we were on private property. My heart sank for poor Elle and I pulled the lady over to the side to explain how this family had driven a long way and would she pretty-please-with-a-cherry-on-top let us stay. Let's just say she wasn't the type to show much mercy and proceeded to tell us that the field had just been sprayed with pesticides so she sure as heck wouldn't have her babies in there.

I guess that was a good way to get us out of there...whether it was true or some great made-up-on-the-spot story to get us to clear out, it worked like a charm and Elle continued her work on the dirt path close to the field.
I think it turned out even better there anyway, so whatever.

But seriously, how in the world could you go wrong with these kids as your subjects?? They were SO cute!

Elle edited the pictures all by herself in Lightroom and although I'm a little biased, I think she did an excellent job!

Check out more pictures on Elle's blog here. This is my favorite:
And remember, if you want her to photograph your kids she's pretty darn good at it.


  1. I'm so impressed and about fell over in my chair. She great! Much better than the person I used last year. Good for Elle!

    I've been thinking about you lately. You have so many good posts. I'm going to have to steal your ideas on parenting.

    Last year was "Year of Tyler" this year is "Year of Ellie". Man, we sure reach our deductible fast. :)

    I have to share with you my summer. I call it my "take back my kids" summer.

  2. she ROCKS!
    way to go elle!
    my daughter reads elle's blog and LOves it. she is into photography too. I need to teach her somethings about it because she is totally into it!
    it's great to support their passions!

  3. those are incredible photos...the one of the path is my favorite and i can see it blown up huge on canvas in a family room. she is SO talented.
    good job elle!

  4. WOW! Those are fantastic portraits! You need to make sure that she enters some of her work in something like the State Fair or another live gallery event. Good for her!

    Since I'm shopping for a new camera for me, I'd like to know what kind of camera Elle has for her shoots. Or do you share yours?

  5. Elle gets to borrow my she's just getting used to Canon too. But apparently she's a quick learner!

  6. Yowzas!
    Great job by elle, and the mom who put her in that yellow dress gets some props too. :)

  7. Wow, she has got a real gift. What a great job she did! Even if she had to change her plans at the last second... That looks like the field by my house....

  8. Wow such a talented girl you have you! I wish I was close to being that good. Keep up the awesome work Elle!

  9. Those are amazing! Give her like 5 years and she will be an award winning photographer! I'm so impressed with her ambition too! That Elle is a cool kid.

  10. Wow! They're great photographs! She is very talented!

  11. WOW!!!! SHAWNI!!!! she is amazing! what a talented girl you have on your hands! WOW!

  12. Oh my goodness you have one talented girl there! I am jealous that someone so young is so much better than me!

    P.S. Check out
    I thought of you when I saw it and thought I'd pass it on....

  13. KUDOS Elle. Way to go girl! Those are some of the prettiest photos I've seen and you have a real photographic eye. Good luck in your future endeavors, you're going to do quite well.

  14. I just had to add.....I'm buying the pesticide story. Believe don't want to be anywhere near that stuff, made up or not. No chancing it.

  15. great job elle...those pictures are wonderful! if i lived closer, she would be hired!

  16. WOW! My kiddos are darling - Elle totally captured them. Thanks SO much!
    She was SO WORTH HIRING.

  17. Oh my gosh! Yes, she certainly is good at it. My oh my what she could do with my nephew Lucas. If only you were in WI.

  18. Great job, Elle! I am so excited to teach my kids the tricks of my trade.

  19. How amazing! I am so impressed by her photos. They are better than mine. You must be so proud to pass on such a talent.

  20. That Elle has her mother's eye!


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