Sunday, February 7, 2010


..didn't February barely begin???


  1. I'm loving your blog Shawni!

  2. I'd like to hear more about what you do with the Art Masterpiece for your kids. Is this something you approached their teachers about?

  3. Don't forget the zoo on the 20th! We are ready to go!
    You are one busy lady!

  4. Looks familiar. Thanks for sharing. Glad to see someone else fills up their calendar way too quick the way I do.

  5. looks busy...but on the first it looked like pottery barn was at your door...that is always fun!

  6. wow! that's life with 5 kids for sure! I would be going insane! maybe that's why even though I wanted 5, God knew better than me and gave me just 2! I am a homebody! wish I had 5 still though! they would all just have to be homebodies like me HA!
    oh and how did your speaking thing go?!

  7. Shawni...please DO tell us a bit more about Art Masterpiece. It's nothing I could do but I would loveto be able to find someone that could do that here. Ellie loves art and her teacher just told me at her conference to maybe put her in an art class. I really don't know what kind of class to do. I did one at JoAnn fabrics for canvas and wow was that NOT the class I thought it was :)
    you can email me if you want.
    P.S. where di dyou speak for time out? Was it Provo? A friend went to the one in Ogden and said it was amazing!!!
    Next year I am There!!!!

  8. that looks a lot like mine!! GO! ;)

  9. Looks familiar! Glad we are all in it together!


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