Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Claire Bear

She went ahead and did it:
Claire turned SIX YEARS OLD.

Man, we sure love this girl.
We did her little six-year-old photoshoot yesterday.
My friend came along with her girls too, who Claire adores.

And my friend was so sweet to ask if she could take a few of me and Claire together. Thanks Ashby!SIX things I love about my SIX-YEAR-OLD:

1) Claire exudes excitement for life. I love how her eyes pop out and she gets a huge open-mouth grin when she finds out about something exciting.
2) Claire is the best therapist for Lucy one could ever, ever ask for. And she is SO nice to that little feisty sister of hers.
3) Claire asks awesome questions. Everything from how things worked up in Heaven before we got here to Earth to how a seed grows. And I love that she prefaces most of her questions by announcing: "I have a question..." rather than just asking.
4) Claire is very confident. She isn't afraid to do her own thing and I love it.
5) Claire is DETERMINED. When she sets her mind to something she DOES it. (i.e. learning to ride her bike with no training wheels practically by herself)
6) One of Claire's Saturday Jobs on her job chart is "Make Everyone Smile"...kind of as a joke. But she does it...every day.
We ADORE you Claire!
Love, Mom


  1. Happy birthday to her! Gorgeous photos

    Emily @ remodeling this life

  2. Oh to bottle that six year old sweetness and cuteness. She is blessed. You are blessed.

  3. Happy Birthday to Claire! That is so nine year old has always started her questions the same way...."I have a question..."

  4. Hi there...I read your blog all the time but rarely comment. For some reason, today's post inspired me to. First off, to Claire, a very happy birthday!!! And to you Shawni -- your mothering style is beautiful, honest, and an inspiration to me (I have two little girls, including a Lucy!). I love visiting your blog and seeing those happy faces!


  5. She does have a way about her, I can tell just through the pictures! She is GORGEOUS and she sure does seem like a positive, full of love and light little girl! You are soooooo blessed!
    happy birthday Claire!!!

  6. What a cute 6 year old! Happy Birthday Claire!

  7. I recently found your blog and really adore it! How do you group your pictures like that?

  8. Shawni, You probably don't remember me but I met you a few times in D.C. with Cherstyn. I found your blog through hers. I saw the book that you and I believe you Mom wrote at Deseret Book and loved it. Thanks for sharing and for your insights. You have a beautiful family.

  9. Happy Birthday! She is beautiful...LOVE the pictures!

  10. Charlotte is singing, "Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday, dear Claire!" We love that girl and can't believe how brave she is. Give her big hugs and kisses from us. We will drop off a little something for her on Saturday. xoxo

  11. Wow. Your pictures are gorgous and I already adore Claire and have never met her. But she reminds me of my 6 year old Lizzy. It's a great age. Love all the cute things you had to say about her. Your blog is my favorite!

  12. She is so cute. I love the shot of her laughing with her friends. the first one. you are so talented Shawni. Hug her for me.

  13. We have a Claire Bear too! She is 5 and in kindergarten this year. Your Claire is beautiful!


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