Sunday, September 20, 2009

summer mini-photoshoots

This photoshoot was scheduled forever ago, and I was so happy I could finally take pictures of this family we love so much.
Especially since it was up at Aspen Grove, and, well, you can't really get a prettier backdrop than the Sundance area.

I just love these guys.

I love how the parents parent, and how cute the kids are together.

And then I snapped a few pics. of my sister's family at the beach at Bear Lake in between when we were trying to do our own family pic. And man, I gotta say I sure think this family is pretty darn cute too!


  1. Ok so-I am a photographer too and am trying to improve and I am so jealous of your talent! How do you get your exposure so perfect? Do you use the camera's meter or a hand held? Do you use a flash or just natural light? Help me! Mine never comes out as beautiful as yours...

  2. Amen to that first comment. I always wonder the same thing, about the exposure, and perfect lighting. Your pictures always turn out so perfect!

  3. I really enjoy your photography. If you ever were so inclined, I would love to read a post of 'how to take a portrait.' I never seem to get great shots of my individual kids...? I'd love some pointers. :)


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