Sunday, September 13, 2009

check this out...

I just have to take a little intermission between NYC posts and post a link to my friend's blog for two reasons:

1) She is an awesome writer and I love to read what she has to say.

2) You have to check out the video on her latest post. Our girls have been hanging out so much lately and this is their latest iVideo. Oh my word, I wish I had the moves my friend has. ...And I wish I were that cool a mom! My girls were watching this all day today...and I have that song totally stuck in my mind. (But that's ok because I like it.)

So click here for some entertainment...


  1. My kids keep watching it too. They think it's hysterical. I'm so thankful for Elle; she's wonderful--you, too.

  2. Both of you are way too cool! You put the rest of us to shame.

  3. That was awesome! I WISH I was that cool! I need to be more fun for my kids....thanks for the inspiration!

  4. that was awesome! I always need ideas about ways to be a "hip" mom

  5. So funny, my kids loved this, hope you are well. I sure think of you often, one of these days it would be great to do a utah hook up.


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