Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kindergarten Girl

On the first week of school I was so busy blabbing on and on about Max starting Junior High that I neglected to blab a little about my baby CLAIRE starting KINDERGARTEN.

For weeks and weeks before she started school she counted down the amount of days before she got to be a "Kindergarten Girl." She could have generated a bunch of electricity with the wattage her smile gave off when she was thinking about it.
After trying the bike-riding thing with her big sisters and walking in the 100+ temps for a couple days, she settled on riding the bus with her little gaggle of girlfriends to and from school each day.
(We joke with her that her backpack is big enough that she could curl up in it and get a ride on someone's back if she wanted. It's gargantuan! But hey, who can turn down cute pink hearts for a kindergartener?)

How do kids just know to automatically line up when they see the bus coming? It's like an inborn instinct.

She comes home pleased as punch that she's an official school girl (something she's drooled about for years).

I'm happy for her but boy, Lu and I sure miss her during the day.


  1. This post makes me so sad. I wish Charlotte was lining right up there with Claire. xoxo

  2. I'm officially addicted to your blog. Such a cute cute post for Claire.

  3. darling! what a sweet little girl, and that smile, too cute! i too have a kindergartener, i get nervous just looking at yours thinking mine will be there in just a week. for me its exciting but i am a little sad too. i can't wait to see her shine in class :O)

  4. Could there be a more child more full of light! We miss her!

  5. I'm so sad we are not there to load our 2 cute Claires on the bus. We miss you guys.

  6. I cant believe that you have only 1 at home now, lucky you!

  7. She is the same age as my Rebecca. :)

  8. I simply adre your pictures!
    Do you work with Photoshop or any related program? Just great photos!


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