Monday, February 16, 2009

travel adventures

We got back last night from scuba diving in Cozumel.

Man oh man we were so spoiled to get to go, had a great time, and were so happy to hug our kids again when we got home.

I must have brought a Mexican bug home with me because I'm so darn sick today...that combined with my traditional break-out-after-being-in-the-sun humongous cold sore that makes me have flu symptoms doesn't help.

But sure, I'll take being sick and the laundry room being filled up to my knees with laundry any day of the week if it means I got to be with my husband on a trip that includes a gorgeous beach.
...and scuba diving.I'll post pictures later, but I just wanted to paste in what I wrote when we were en-route to was a CRAZY trip:

Right now Dave and I are at one point of the giant “Z” we are making across the country…from the west coast to the east coast (on an all-night red-eye flight), back to Texas and then back over to Cozumel. We found out last night that our flight for this morning was canceled, and after Dave talked for a couple hours trying to figure out an alternate route to get to Mexico he announced the only possibility for us to get there in the next few days was to leave our house in 30 minutes.

You should have seen us scramble to get out that door! Oh man I have no idea what I packed, I couldn’t find my book club book I was SO looking forward to having a minute to read on this trip, I forgot to leave a few things for the babysitters…I’m sure I’ll think of a bunch more things as we get further into the trip.

But the good thing is, at least as of now, we’re on our way to Mexico…sleep or no sleep, and I get to be on a “long date” with my handsome husband.

Well, we did get there...I found my book club book, the babysitters survived with flying colors, and we're home safe and sound.

More pictures coming...


  1. Fun, Shawni! I'm glad it all turned okay. You must be living right :) I love the coconut photo! Can't wait to see more.

  2. I'm so glad it worked out!!! I hope the babysitters worked out...I feel a little responsible!

  3. that coconut pic needs to be a postcard!!!! So happy that eveything worked out well. looks like you had a blast.

  4. I just read this AFTER our emails back and forth this morning - you are one amazing/lucky/adaptable lady! What a great trip!

  5. Sorry to hear that you got sick. Hope your feeling better today. That was a great trip and we enjoyed being with you guys so much!

  6. What a fun trip to take with your hub. I love the pictures - gorgeous! And man, scuba diving looks like so much fun!!! What fun memories for you two.

  7. Shawni- What a fun trip!! I'm jealous you got to get away and somewhere fun and beautiful. I love the underwater pics. Can I go in your suitcase next time?

    Let's get together!

  8. Sorry you are sick! Looks like a fantastic time and I love the pics... especially the Scuba one. It's so clear!

  9. Sorry to hear you got sick that stinks! Welcome home.

  10. Ugh! Sick! Thats not supposed to happen. Maybe airport food? Hope you are feeling better. I was thinking about the photos we talked about( because I am so excited) & I remembered that you took some of the clouds and dock. I was wondering if you would PLEASE include those in your email to me? It sure was fun to hang out and get to know you a little bit better. We had a blast. Cant wait for the next one!

  11. That scuba picture is so cool! Wow!!! It's so beautiful there! I'm so glad you had a super fum getaway :)

  12. I was on Cozumel too but I didn't go for scuba diving but for snorkelling. The water here is so clean and you can see really deep. What an experience! I fell in love with Playa del Carmen and Cancun when I was there. I'll go here someday in the future again but now I'm aiming to Deerfield Beach. You can browse this site and see live views from there.


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