Monday, September 8, 2008

my brother Josh...and my awesome mom too

This post is really for my family. I think they check this blog, but I couldn't be too sure since they never make more than a peep in the comment section ;-) ...that's the first time I've done one of those smiley thingamabobers...I could get used to those.

Anyway, I just have to write how AWESOME my brother Josh is. Seriously, he's a school teacher and he's amazing. The kids in his class are so darn lucky and they clearly realize it since they look at him like he's a rock star. I'm just sitting here wishing I weren't quite so lazy so that my kids could be in his class (it's much further away than their school here on the corner that they walk and ride bikes to with all their best friends).

We went to the 50s party at his school on Friday night, and although I got no pictures of Josh in his 50s gear taking awesome pictures for part of the event, I did get a picture of his classroom which he's totally redone for the new year.My kids (as well as the three extras we brought along) were all just sitting in this thing dying at how cool it is and wishing their little hearts out that this amazing man was their teacher.

Josh is also an amazing computer/photography guru. He's helping me teach my Photoshop/Lightroom class this week since he's the one who has taught me everything I know on those programs. I can never thank him enough for that.I have to add that Josh and my amazing mother were our heroes when we went to China. They are the ones who made it all work so that we could go. My Mom came for four days and Josh juggled the rest along with all his teaching stuff and a couple babysitters and friends to help. Man, I'm so thankful to you guys I can hardly stand it.Next stop is Australia...want to come babysit again? Don't worry, it'll take me a while to talk Dave into that one.

Love you.


  1. You really need to hold out on Australia until we move back to New Zealand.

  2. p.s. did you notice that all the clothes my girls are wearing in my latest blog post are Pothier hand-me-downs? Thanks again. I don't know what we'd do without you. I'd have to spend even MORE time at the DI.

  3. We could carpool to Josh's school! We all need more teachers like Josh.

  4. Wow. I want MY kids in Josh's class too! Thanks for sharing those pictures. I always love seeing the pictures you post--you have such an eye for beauty.

  5. Wow- I m looking for a great teacher like your brother! We need about 50, 0000 like him! Awesome!

  6. Well Shawni-

    If you think your family doesn't check your blog (which I'm sure they do), know that you have a million others that do. I'm a frequent visitor. My husbands always saying, "You sure read her blog alot..." as he peeks into the computer room. And I say, "Yep, I love it!" And I do. You're real, you're a great writer, and you're inspiring. Can't wait to read the book you and your mom are writing.

    Oh, and just a note about what you wrote awhile back about sounding negative about the summer. Your right, we moms do "get it" and are glad you can capture so well in words what so many of us feel right along with you. Thanks Shawni. You are amazing.

  7. Shawni, you deserve a great brother and an okay mom. What would we do without your inspiration?


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