Tuesday, August 12, 2008

double digits

I just have to share ten things I love about my newest ten-year-old.

1. She chose to go to Paradise Bakery for lunch today instead of Wendy's. Thank you thank you thank you Elle!

2. She has a heart of gold. She cares so much about how others feel and she treats people so kindly. Her teacher told me a couple years ago how thankful she was for Elle because there was a little girl in her class who really needed a friend. Elle just took her under her wing and included her in everything. Elle's just like that with everyone around her.

3. Elle's a girl after my own heart. We could eat nothing but chocolate chip cookies and baked potatoes smothered with sour cream and walk around with cameras attached around our necks for the rest of our lives and have no problem with it.

4. She's smart. She works so hard in school and is such a conscientious student.

5. She's the only one of my kids who can do her own hair. Oh man I love that.

6. She is a great chef. After taking her cooking class last year she has taken off in the kitchen. She can whip up the greatest salads and apricot chicken.

7. Elle's as sweet and beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

8. She's determined. When she sets her mind to something she does it.

9. Elle's the opposite of high maintenance. She is so good to just go with the flow.

10. She is the best oldest daughter I could ever ask for. She's so responsible and nurturing with all her little sisters (and with Max too). She's a great example to them of being helpful around the house, and man oh man what a help that is to me!

Love you Elle Belle! I must have done something right to get to be your mom!


  1. Happy Birthday, pretty girl!


    Hope it is a GREAT one!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    She's beautiful, like her mama. But I love that you mention that she's as pretty on the inside. That's the best kind of pretty.

  3. she sure is a keeper! what a great list of things. like julie said...pretty on the inside is the best one!

  4. Elle you are such a sweetheart! We love having you as a neighbor. I hope you have a really great birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday to Elle! She's so pretty!

    Billy Burger rules!

  6. What a beautiful, smart and sweet girl. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!!!! Happy birthday Elle!! love her name too.


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