Tuesday, July 22, 2008

things we do here...

Ok, so get your mouse ready to scroll through a boat load of pictures because this is what we've been up to lately...and anyone who knows me knows that I don't go many minutes without taking pictures.Sorry there's no order to these pictures...the internet is way too slow.
Our annual sand mermaid with our great friends the Zaharises who came to visit:

My cousin's darling new baby.
My other cousin's daughter (aka, one of Elle's new best friends...they had so much fun together.)
Another cousin's sweet little girl.
My aunt's dog...now our kids are even more convinced that we HAVE to get a dog because Lucy LOVES them more than you can ever imagine. Check out those power thighs.
Our cousins brought up their whizbang boat and "surfing" gear which Max was all over. I was so proud of him and how hard he tried to get up...and did it!

Check out that look of sheer determination.
My other cousin's daughter.

Lots of bug-catching.
Motorcycle rides with Uncle Jo.
Dress-ups with cousins.
Sunset after sunset.

The horses.
Serious tennis lessons from Grandfather.

Grandfather gives the best tractor rides...

...and sailboat rides.

More sunsets.
...and horseback rides.

We love these friends and cousins.

Serious tantrums...the sand doesn't stop her.

Max is pretty proud that we let him drive this glamorous beach car. Lucky kid.


  1. Love the picture of Lucy and the dog. Glad to see you are having so much fun.

  2. Wow! amazing pictures & i love the sunsets.

  3. Awesome pictures Shawni! I love that pic of Lucy with the dog and Max and his tongue. You really capture it!

    Saw this blog this morning and thought you'd like it: http://bluelily.squarespace.com/

  4. Seriously love those lucy cheeks!!! Looks like you are having a wonderful time at the Lake.

  5. Shawni how in the heck did you have time to do this in the midst of a book deadline? Fabulous pics as always. We're having even more fun that we thought!
    Love, MOm

  6. That picture of Lucy with the power thighs reminds me of an East German gymnast from back in the day...too funny! Thanks for the laugh.

    Her cheeks are the cutest!

  7. Ok I have to say that the Eyer's and Carver's have really cute kids!


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