Thursday, April 24, 2008

great article

Just wanted to share this great article my sister sent me...
Such great insights.


  1. Shawni, what a beautiful article about balance, and seeing things with a clearer understanding of the scaredness of our homes.

    Thank you! What wonderful photos from your trip!

  2. That is a very inspiring article thanks for sharing it!

  3. I loved that article. I'm going to share it with my sister/inlaws!

  4. Oh Shawni, you posting this is really an answer to prayer. I have struggled with this issue time and time again. What a great perspective. I'm actually excited to try to implement the thoughts and ideas in this article. Thanks again!

  5. LOVED this article. I can already feel a difference as I look around at my home and children in the light of sacredness. Thanks for sharing!


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