Wednesday, February 12, 2014

journal gems

A couple weeks ago I turned into drill-sergeant mode and had my kids clean out their cubbies.  

You should have seen those puppies, jam-packed with everything you can imagine.  

The process of our clean-out led us to some journals smooshed in there between all the artwork and scraps of paper.

So we switched from clean-out mode to a reminiscent mode.

Cause that's kind of how I roll, distracted.

Hmmmmm, and I wonder why my kids get distracted so easily...

We found some real gems in those little precious books that I had to share:

Pay-day for a mom:

And at the end of the day we still ended up with tidy cubbies.
It was a win-win, distractions and all.

The only trouble is, at least in my sweet childrens' eyes, is that is kicked me into gear to remind me I need to be the "journal-writing-more-often-sergeant" too :)
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