Wednesday, January 29, 2014

a birthday and a {good} heart attack

On Friday I had a birthday.

It was kind of a crazy day because my motherhood retreat in California started that day.  (The every-other-year dealio that I raved about last time back HERE....I know, pretty great way to spend a birthday.)

So we celebrated as a family the night before.
Dave took care of a delicious dinner and at my birthday cake request we made sugar cookies.  (I'm not a traditional cake kind of girl most of the time.

Plus I was going to be leaving my babies and I wanted to do something fun with them before I left.
 (Max was at volleyball, darn it!)

We delved into our traditional Valentine's Day "Heart Attack" that night too.

It was "heart night."
I've written about this many times before, but just in case you're new, we each write things we love about each other on hearts and heart attack our kitchen and family room with them.

 ("Once"???  Yeah, I'm pretty sure we have played Legos 428 times but whatever ;)

Sorry, a little bit of a heart overload, but I love those things!  I love being surrounded by LOVE all month.

And I sure love this kind, good man for making it such a great day.
He, a non-lover-of pictures, even requested that traditional kissing birthday picture.

Now that's true love :)

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