Thursday, April 18, 2013

happiness {a give-away}

Today instead of writing up some recipe that will give short-term happiness, I’m writing about a recipe for the long-term happy stuff. 

You see, Dave’s brother and his wife are pretty remarkable people.  They think things through better and deeper than anyone I know.  And they recently wrote a book. 

A book about the science of happiness. 2013-03-26 misc 71516

And it is GOOD.  (You can always tell how much I like a book by the amount of pages turned over…and this one has a whole slew of them).2013-03-26 misc 71513

I love it because it delves into all kinds of studies and hypotheses to shift our way of thinking and it does that exceptionally well.

2013-03-26 misc 71517

The cool thing about the book is that it isn’t just a book.  It’s a discussion guide.  The theory is that you can read a book and even if it is intriguing to you, it’s wisdom may not stick with you over time if you don’t do something to cement that in and change your way of thinking.  So, Bob and Virginia have come up with the idea to incorporate classes to aid in digesting all this information. 

I love this video clip because it explains it much better than I can: (there are a ton of other clips there as well).

This one tells how this whole idea kind of emerged:

My mother-in-law headed up a class for us family members who live here in the desert. 2013-03-22 house ideas 73462(That pic. even has Julie in is who wasn’t here in person for the actual classes, but was with us each time we gathered through face time.  Gotta love technology for that.)

It kind of felt like I was taking a college course in happiness.  With a bunch of my best friends.  And what could be better than that?  So many interesting concepts to discuss and so much to think about and ponder about how we live life.  I get all jazzed about that stuff so I’m excited I get to do a give away to spread the word.

Bob and Virginia would like to give away a free student course.  That is four weeks either in person (if there is a teacher in your area) or on-line along with receiving your own book.  You pick the course you want here and they will let you know what to do from there. 

If you want to find out more, click here:

If you want to enter the give-away, leave a comment below.  If you want a double-chance at winning, tell which video clip you like best from this link in a second comment.

I’ll announce the winner on Saturday morning. 

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