Tuesday, March 26, 2013

spring break (part 2)

We went from one amazing hostess (Dave’s sister…Julie, you’re the best!) to another (my Mother) so we could hang with my parents for a couple days.2013-03-13 utah spring break 71229

When you live in the desert, little things like their small hills become kind of glamorous-looking sledding hills because the novelty of snow is so exciting.2013-03-14 utah spring break 712482013-03-14 utah spring break 712502013-03-14 utah spring break 712652013-03-14 utah spring break 71283

My sister and her family came to have dinner with us one of the nights.  How we love this great family.2013-03-13 utah spring break 71232

…and how Claire and her daughter Eliza adore each other…and the Indian clothes my parents have stocked in the dress-up closet.2013-03-13 utah spring break 71237

We sorted through our old prom dresses (so we could finally take them home with us…holding them below).    2013-03-13 utah spring break 71240

I made Elle do a fashion show in my old ones.  She was delighted to do it for her dear old mother.

Yeah, that’s sarcasm you sense. But seriously who wouldn’t want to try on their mom’s Jr. Prom dress that she made by herself with upholstery fabric?2013-03-14 memories 71395

And I know some day she’s gonna be dying to borrow this Laura Ashley number I wore to my first dance as a super shy sophomore:2013-03-14 memories 71392

She was a little more excited about my baby sister Charity’s prom dress below.2013-03-14 memories 71389Grace was rocking my 8th grade graduation dress on the left and Claire fell in love with the white dress my sis Charity wore to my wedding all those years ago.

The next day we left Lu to have a grand time playing “Go Fish” all day with my patient mother…2013-03-14 utah spring break 71277

…while we squeezed in one last ski run…this time with cousin Isaac: 2013-03-14 spring break 71191

…and some good friends.2013-03-14 spring break 711852013-03-14 spring break 711772013-03-14 spring break 711742013-03-14 spring break 711782013-03-14 spring break 711822013-03-14 spring break 71190

That evening I tried my hand at snow-shoeing and accompanied Elle over to my favorite barn.2013-03-14 utah spring break 713742013-03-14 utah spring break 712852013-03-14 utah spring break 712932013-03-14 utah spring break 71297

Claire found us…2013-03-14 utah spring break 71299

…and my Dad and Grace…2013-03-14 utah spring break 71302

…and my Mom and cute cousin Ike joined in too.  2013-03-14 utah spring break 71315

We had a party with this swing the kids helped my Dad build in the barn last summer:2013-03-14 utah spring break 71301

It is pure delight, I tell you.2013-03-14 utah spring break 71309

Just in case you can’t tell from the pics…2013-03-14 utah spring break 713252013-03-14 utah spring break 71326

I love my Dad.2013-03-14 utah spring break 71329

So do his grandkids.2013-03-14 utah spring break 713302013-03-14 utah spring break 713312013-03-14 utah spring break 713332013-03-14 utah spring break 713472013-03-14 utah spring break 713532013-03-14 utah spring break 71357

I’m so happy when my girls will pose for me.2013-03-14 utah spring break 713582013-03-14 utah spring break 713592013-03-14 utah spring break 713662013-03-14 utah spring break 71367

…and how did I get so lucky to have this mom of mine?2013-03-14 utah spring break 71280-2

So grateful for the opportunity to spend time with some of our favorite people up in that snowy place. 

And so grateful for Dave’s Dad who made all that skiing business so darn great.  It’s his birthday today, BTW…happy birthday Papa!!!

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