Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter prep

I am behind on my Easter prep. this year, but I’m scrambling to it today, since tomorrow starts the beginning of Easter week. 

As I prepare for tomorrow, I’m pulling out our big yellow lists of things we line our kitchen cabinets with each day outlining all that happened that most sacred of weeks.  And I’m using this list of family ideas my sister made up that I LOVE here.  (I especially love all those video clips…maybe I’ll show some in Primary tomorrow…)

Lots of other things we do with our family here, and lots of great ideas from reader’s comments in this post

Oh man, I adore Easter.  Everything about it.  How I hope I can help our family concentrate on the real meaning of it all, because to me, that makes it is the most glorious holiday of all.

Check out this beautiful clip here:

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