Friday, February 15, 2013

Christmas card love

I know Christmas was like a century ago, but I still want to post these Christmas card ideas so I’ll have them for next year.  Because have I mentioned how much I love Christmas cards?  I love seeing them stack up in the mailbox and getting caught up on friends we adore that we don’t get to see as often as we’d like.  We have lived in so many places and there have been so many people who have touched our lives for good there, and now they still touch our lives each year when we find out what they are up to through Christmas cards. 

We always get to admire them all month here:2013-01-10 untitled 67640

…and here:2013-01-10 untitled 67642

Then for fun Dave always conducts a little vote with the kids to determine most creative, funniest, most classic, etc.

And really, they all win cause we love them all, but man, there are some creative people out there I tell you!

Here were some of the favs. from this year.

I always love my friend Rose’s cards.  I so want to buy one of her paintings some day, her art is my very favorite.  Much more about her here and here

Here’s the card from this year:2012-12-31 new years 67327SO beautiful, right?

My sister-in-law sure is “incredibly” creative.  Here’s the front:2013-01-08 winter 67624

…then you open it up to find this:2013-01-07 winter 67617

And Dave’s other brother and his wife always come up with funny ideas:2012-12-31 new years 67336…they are all holding cell phones in case you can’t see from the semi-blurry pic. I took.

I love this family photo idea from Kristen Duke:2012-12-31 new years 67328

And this one my friend Tracey took:2012-12-31 new years 67331(love that cute family)

Here are some creative friends from our BYU days:2012-12-31 new years 67332

My friend Nicole always comes up with some pretty creative stuff:2012-12-31 new years 673422012-12-31 new years 673402012-12-31 new years 67341

Love the colors and snow in this one:2012-12-31 new years 67343

And soft-light happiness of this one:2012-12-31 new years 67346

…and seriously, could you find cuter kids than these?:2012-12-31 new years 67347

We loved this one:2012-12-31 new years 673512012-12-31 new years 67354

And here’s another super creative one:2013-01-08 winter 67625

The kids oooooed and ahhhhhed over this one:2013-01-10 untitled 678212013-01-10 untitled 67820She’s the one who put all our family movies on DVD for us (back here) so she’s a favorite in all our books anyway.

Elle and I loved this picture:2013-01-07 winter 67621

My picture of it doesn’t do it justice…all backlit so beautifully.

I love that it says “be bright.”  What a great reminder to let our lights shine.

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