Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I have two girls home from school sick today.

One of them is for real.

One, not-so-much. 

Max and Elle were home sick a couple days last week (it is so hard for high school kids to miss school…they are going to be making it up all week this week).

Lu and I were sick the week before that right as Dave left for China for ten days. 

He just got home on Thursday and we celebrated.  We missed him so.

Usually when he is gone I get some serious house projects done, but this time I was just sick with sickness and also sick with worried-ness about a couple of my children and how I am mothering them.

There is not anything monumental going on, just some serious evaluation of how I help them through things, how I balance my time, and how my example in our home is what I see reflecting so prominently in how they act and live their lives.  It scares me to death sometimes to have such a responsibility.

So my “project” while Dave was away was to lay in bed a couple mornings and scour through parenting books:
2013-01-16 untitled 67890
(A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is actually an awesome parenting book in my book…I think Katie is a pretty amazing mother.)

I don't have time to link them all here, but if you click here you can quickly find any of those titles you are interested in.

…along with all the day-to-day stuff while I tried to re-evaluate how I do things around here. 
And pray with all my heart.

I came across one of my favorite quotes again:

"...If we are to search for real light and eternal certainties, we have to pray as the ancients prayed.  We are women now, not children, and we are expected to pray with maturity.  The words most often used to describe urgent, prayerful labor are wrestle, plead, cry, and hunger.  In some sense, prayer may be the hardest work we ever will engage in, and perhaps it should be."  --Patricia Holland

Motherhood can be gut-wrenching sometimes, I tell you.

I’m so grateful God is in it right there to help Dave and me along if we remember to ask. 

So, my epiphanies from while Dave was gone are:

1) Get rid of technology when my kids are home (really, really hard but I’m trying my best and it makes me—and all the rest of us--so much happier).  Sometimes I just get so bugged by my phone and emails and texts.  I know it’s the way of life now, but I’m trying to change that around if I can.

2) Read more.  Benjamin Franklin said you should always carry two books with you, one you are reading and one you are writing.  I’m pretty good at the writing part but not so hot at the reading so I’m changing that around here.  There are so many inspiring things to read out there (first off I’m finishing those books up there in that picture).

3) I need to let my kids establish their own relationships with God to work through the tough stuff that comes along.  I need to help them foster that relationship rather than swooping in and fixing things for them.

I’m off to get my Dad at the airport.  So excited.  First thing on the docket: some long parenting discussions. 
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