Wednesday, January 30, 2013

prep for “love day”

We were a tad bit late on our Valentines-prep “heart-attack” this year, but we hunkered down and did it for FHE on Monday.  It is one of my very favorite traditions.

2013-01-28 heart attack 68974

Everyone writes a heart for everyone else…something that they love about them and then we “heart-attack” the house.2013-01-28 heart attack 68976

It’s a great thing to be reminded of that love all month.2013-01-28 heart attack 68977

I mostly love that when kids get snippy with each other I can just point to those puppies hanging on the wall and remind them that they really do love each other.

2013-01-28 heart attack 689782013-01-28 heart attack 68982

2013-01-28 heart attack 68985

Some random ones I took pictures of…2013-01-28 heart attack 68986

2013-01-28 heart attack 689872013-01-28 heart attack 689892013-01-28 heart attack 689902013-01-28 heart attack 68991

I also have to say thank you for all the insightful comments yesterday. 

I realize that I am very, very lucky to have had the family experiences I have had in my life.  And when you have something you are so deeply grateful for, you sure want others to have it too.  I hope and pray that there will always be respect for that sacred unit.  And for the sacred duty parents have to raise children the best way they know how.

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