Tuesday, January 8, 2013

“Organize Yourselves” FHE series

Growing up, this was our “Family Scripture:” 2012-08-16 misc 59579

It’s in D&C 118:19.  (For more about what the D&C is, click here.)

Isn’t it an awesome scripture?

It became part of our family because we had to memorize it and work on it, but also because I remember my dad buying a HUGE canvas that we all helped paint it on (complete with painted illustrations of each part of the “house” we wanted to establish by all of us child artists…I sure wish I had a picture of that canvas).  I remember feeling so cool that I got to paint on a big real artist’s canvas.   

As school started this school year (yes, way back in August), I decided we needed a little extra motivation for “learning” and “ORDER” around our house so I decided to get serious about Family Home Evening and concentrate on a different aspect of this scripture each week.

We didn’t do it in order, we just did whatever I figured we could use the most work on each week.  Each week we had a little lesson on Monday night, and I added an extra paper up in the kitchen to remind us of what we were working on one week at a time:2012-11-01 home 64080

…and wrote it on the chalkboard at the top of the stairs too.2012-08-22 iPhone 59726(You can never have too many reminders, right?)

We started with “order” because man alive, we needed it. 

We cleared out a bunch of closets and everyone was assigned one closet or cabinet they needed to organize during that week.2012-08-18 misc 59601

Things went from looking like this:2012-10-06 conference weekend 61832

…to this:2012-10-06 conference weekend 61833

And it made me so happy.

2012-09-01 iPhone 59997During our “prayer” week the girls gave the FHE lesson and used a telephone to illustrate how it would feel to call someone and do all the talking, no listening (kind of like what we do with Heavenly Father sometimes).  We talked about how “listening” is such a huge part of prayer and that we will be guided if we listen for direction, i.e. maybe show a little extra love for that child at school who isn’t so nice, write a nice note to a family member, talk to a teacher about something that may be confusing them if they’re praying for help at school, etc.

We also made a conscious effort to get in our morning prayers better and being more thoughtful in what we said in each prayer.

2012-09-11 misc 60254During our “faith” week we used the analogy of planting little seeds in our hearts and helping them “grow” with light and water which is prayer and choosing to do what’s right.

During our “glory” week I gathered everyone around in the kitchen and had each person put a different ingredient in the blender.  When we mixed them all together they made our fav. salsa (back here).  I talked about how “glory” is kind of a mixture of all the things we had been working on, and when mixed together they make something wonderful.

2012-09-28 iPhone 61263I like how Claire added her own note to the “Glory” chalkboard.

During our “Fasting” week we added a little more purpose to our fasting and tried to beef up our “Fasting Club” now that all four big kids are part of it.

To culminate all those weeks and wrap them all up together we just had to do it: paint our own version of that verse. 

I led up to that night trying to build the anticipation, that it was a secret but that they were going to love it.

Their eyes lit up when they realized they got to be the artists on something we were putting up in our house. 

Ok, mostly the younger one’s eyes lit up, but the older ones actually participated and liked it too.2012-10-29 family stuff 63879Even Dave helped. 

It wasn’t as big as the one we did growing up, and it lacked the pictures that were so appealing to me as a child, but I think everyone still really felt a part of it.  2012-10-29 family stuff 63885Elle was especially mesmerized as you can see…hmmmm….

We plunked it up right where we walk in the house just until we can find a better spot for it.2012-11-16 iPhone 65101

I sure hope that helped engrain in those children of ours how we want to build our family.

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