Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Claire is nine

Nine years ago from Monday a little light was born into our family.

Her name is Claire.2013-01-21 Claire's birthday 68549

Claire Hazel to be exact. 2013-01-21 Claire's birthday 68531-Edit

And oh how we adore that girl of ours.2013-01-21 Claire's birthday 68546Chipped hot-pink nail polish and all:)

She lucked out to have no school on the big day. 

And to have some cousins come to our family birthday breakfast and participate in the “find-the-presents-scavenger-hunt.”2013-01-21 Claire's birthday 683872013-01-21 Claire's birthday 68392

…AND because it’s a party year this year (she hasn’t had one for a couple years), she got to have thirty-two girls come help her celebrate (not all of them made the picture apparently).  2013-01-21 Claire's birthday 68486Whew, what a day that was!

Claire is the star of this post, but I have to put in a little side-note about Grace.  She is the best party planner of the century I tell you.  She helped Claire plan this party for weeks and had every minute planned out.  She got the games all situated and printed out a week before.  She was so organized. 

She is so unlike her mother ;)  And oh how grateful Claire and I are for that!  She begged me to take her to Target and sought out the perfect gift for Claire (a new wallet):2013-01-21 Claire's birthday 68390

She and her friend rode bikes to the grocery store and she got all the stuff she needed for this poster all on her own with her own money.

2013-01-21 untitled 68553

Elle commented to Grace on the birthday morning that she thought she was more excited than Claire and she jubilantly agreed. 

What a sister.

After breakfast it was on to the party prep.

2013-01-21 Claire's birthday 68407

They did a get-to-know-you game first.2013-01-21 Claire's birthday 68420

Then they played “Three-Deep.” 2013-01-21 Claire's birthday 68432

That’s where everyone gets a slip of paper and it “matches” with two other people’s papers but you don’t know who.  So you have to yell to find your partners and when you find them you sit in order to show that you’re done.2013-01-21 Claire's birthday 68431It makes for a lot of happy loud-ness.

2013-01-21 Josh's birthday pics. 680532013-01-21 Claire's birthday 684352013-01-21 Josh's birthday pics. 68059(“Three Deep” is explained in detail back in this post).

Then the girls did “two truths and a lie.”2013-01-21 Josh's birthday pics. 68097

…and went to the park to play “capture the ice cream cone” (it was an ice-cream themed party).2013-01-21 Josh's birthday pics. 68225

…and “guess which famous person’s name is stuck to your forehead.”2013-01-21 Josh's birthday pics. 681652013-01-21 Josh's birthday pics. 68248

Next it was on to the “piece de resistance” according to Grace and Claire: our ice cream cone birthday hats.2013-01-21 Claire's birthday 68448

I’m telling you, this was not an easy project and took Grace, my niece and I all night to prep the night before, but for some reason I kind of enjoyed it.  Maybe it was the anticipation of the next day, maybe it was that the girls were so excited, I don’t know, but it was pretty satisfying to make 34 of those puppies. (Grace and Claire got all the party ideas here.)2013-01-21 Claire's birthday 684492013-01-21 Josh's birthday pics. 682592013-01-21 Claire's birthday 684822013-01-21 Claire's birthday 684882013-01-21 Claire's birthday 68494

Claire opted for a Sundae bar instead of a cake.2013-01-21 Claire's birthday 684992013-01-21 Claire's birthday 685022013-01-21 Claire's birthday 685042013-01-21 Claire's birthday 685062013-01-21 Claire's birthday 685082013-01-21 Claire's birthday 68510

…and this is how it looked as the girls trickled back home.2013-01-21 Claire's birthday 68511

Nine things I love about this nine year old:

2013-01-21 Claire's birthday 68544

1) She sparkles when she smiles.

2) She cries when she feels the Spirit, and she tends to feel it often.

3) She is tough and doesn’t complain much when she gets her darn cold sores and other health issues.

4) She is the best tutor for Lucy any of us could ever imagine.2013-01-21 Claire's birthday 68410

5) She’s the first to jump on Saturday jobs.  She often makes them fun for Lucy too and turns them into a game where you have to jump to pick things up or you are secret spies and have to do your jobs with no one looking.

6) She’s an awesome dancer.

7) She is confident.  She knows what she wants and goes for it.

8) She is not high-maintenance.  She doesn’t ask for a lot and is so appreciative of what she gets.

9) She is genuinely interested in others and asks good questions.

2013-01-21 untitled 685572013-01-21 untitled 68558

Love you forever, Claire Bear.

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