Monday, January 28, 2013

BBS mailings, Texas lawyer needed and Cambodia love


I do things like make my kids stuff envelopes when they’re sick. 

Right in the midst of everyone taking turns with flu-like symptoms and Dave being in China for ten days our family was in charge of the big mailing for the BBS organization that I am somehow the Vice President of.  There were 430 families that needed to get the new newsletter and hear about all the new things we are putting together as a new board (more about that back here). 

But I told my poor child-labor children that it isn’t so bad to fold and stuff for hours on end if you get to watch things like “Despicable Me” while you’re doing it…even if you have a fever, right?2013-01-17 bbs mailing 68794

Grace really put her shoulder to the wheel I tell you:2013-01-17 bbs mailing 68795

Finally after a few days of stacks of “stuff” all over our kitchen and family room and spilling out the glories of service so I could get everyone (including newly-returned-from-China-Dave) on task:

2013-01-20 Claire's birthday 68376

…I stuck these puppies in the mail:  2013-01-22 iPhone 68682

Hallelujah.  Maybe I will post what Tim (the new President) put in the newsletter on the I Love Lucy blog if I get a chance (that thing has been sadly neglected lately)…I think he did an awesome job.

Which brings me to my point:

The Vision Walk is quickly approaching.  Dave and I are trying to work with Foundation Fighting Blindness to get them to donate all the money we raise directly to BBS research.  We have realized it may be best to have people donate to a 501c3 directly related to BBS and then donate to the Foundation Fighting Blindness through that entity rather than individually so that our small BBS organization can be taken more seriously when it comes to vision preservation specific to our kind of vision loss. 

Problem: Our BBS organization is not an established 501c3 yet.  As a BBS board we are trying to change that.  Apparently it was set up as a different entity in Texas and in order to change it to a 501c3 we need to find someone who is knowledgeable in Texas law that can work with us pro-bono on getting it changed.

Any ideas to lead us to someone who could help us would be so very much appreciated!

On a completely different service note, my cyber-friend-Allyson-who-I’d-love-to-meet-some-day-because-she-totally-inspires-me has been telling me about this orphanage she and her family of eight (!) worked in last year (I think right before they went to Rising Star).  I have fallen head-over-heels in love with this orphanage just from what she has sent me about it and I want to adopt every child there that she has sent me the bios for.  DSCF4093Oh man their stories tug at your heart strings I tell you!  She is on the board for the orphanage and is looking for people who’d like to sponsor the kids over there.  You can sponsor a child with a one-time donation or with an on-going donation of as low as $5 per month.  Check out her post all about it here if you are interested. 

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