Monday, December 3, 2012

the last couple months according to my iPhone

…with a couple words to explain here and there.2012-10 iPhone(Lucy’s cup towers, meeting Mitt, Claire’s first Halloween outfit, long early-morning lab line to get Lu’s blood drawn, good-looking guy)

2012-10 life(Grace’s much-obsessed-about moon packet for school, Book of Mormon mailings, baby love, b-ball love)

2012-11 life(piano duets, orthodontist dates, art with friends, masterpiece that I have started teaching, tennis semi-private drive every Monday)

I must post this to follow up with the piano lesson thing:

Ok, I know that is very elementary and full of mistakes but they just started playing that one night unassigned or hounded after.  I could get used to being the piano teacher if they just do stuff like this on their own! :)  We are going to have our own family Christmas recital this year and I'll have to post a perfected version of this song...

2012-11 life3(Elle’s funny friend photoshoots, activity days Halloween treats, my amazing brother Jonah’s “greasel” car, family get-together with horrible lighting…)

2012-11 life4(teenager date, technology, primary turkey)

2012-11 MFME(my mom and sisters I adore and a funny sign we laughed to tears about when we were loopy-tired at night)

2012-10 field trip(third-grade field trip chaperoning)

2012-11 life2(evening in excellence girls, date with my middle girls, Grace and her other injured friend who had to sit out and watch “mud wars” because of their injuries Grace split her knee open while we were out of town and could have used a bunch of stitches. Her friend broke her wrist,  My only proof that Max did swim team this year)

And last but certainly not least:photoYep, that just happened.

Grace is a brace-face.
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