Monday, December 10, 2012

pros of desert life

There are a whole slew of cons to living in the desert.  2012-11-24 fall 65553

I mean, it isn’t fun to feel like your lungs are melting when you get in your car on a 115 degree day.

And I must admit 110 degrees in October gets to feel really old.

But man, there are some serious pros to cancel those puppies out.

One of my favorite “pros” is that the day after Thanksgiving you can have a swim party with your extended family:2012-11-23 Fall 65275

…And the day after that, you can leave your not-such-a-hot-hiker-six-year-old with the best babysitter ever and take your other four ragamuffins on a beauty-hike.2012-11-24 iPhone 651882012-11-24 iPhone 651902012-11-24 iPhone 651942012-11-24 iPhone 651962012-11-24 iPhone 651972012-11-24 iPhone 65200

2012-11-24 iPhone 652062012-11-24 fall 655202012-11-24 fall 655242012-11-24 fall 655272012-11-24 fall 655342012-11-24 fall 655462012-11-24 fall 655482012-11-24 fall 655562012-11-24 iPhone 652082012-11-24 iPhone 652092012-11-24 iPhone 652122012-11-24 iPhone 652162012-11-24 iPhone 652172012-11-24 iPhone 65219

That can be followed by family games at your Dad’s office.2012-11-24 iPhone 65224

…and an awesome pizza party with friends in their own back-yard pizza oven…2012-11-24 fall 65558 …followed by an art-extravaganza.2012-11-24 iPhone 65233

Yeah, there are definitely some perks to living in this hot place. 

Oh man do I ever love this winter weather.

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