Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas card out-takes

Sometimes I think the out-takes are the ones that should actually make the Christmas card. (What we sent out is back here.) 2012-10-14 Lake Powell 62079

I mean, that’s real life, right?2012-10-14 Lake Powell 620492012-10-14 Lake Powell 62047(Gotta love Claire in that one…)

We carried a plastic chair and a few pillows around a beach at Lake Powell where the light was all wrong for the picture I had in mind.

2012-10-14 Lake Powell 62103

The camera was perched precariously on that pillow, my camera bag, a couple rocks under one leg of the chair to try to even things out.2012-10-14 Lake Powell 62101

Lucy refused to walk.

We had to climb up some rocks she wasn’t about to take on.

I was frustrated at Dave for not being very cooperative.

He was frustrated at Lu…and me too.2012-10-14 Lake Powell 620892012-10-14 Lake Powell 62092

But oh man, they are good sports.2012-10-14 Lake Powell 621342012-10-14 Lake Powell 62069

Of course we had to do a few individual shots too.2012-10-14 Lake Powell 62109

They are such good smile-fakers.2012-10-14 Lake Powell 62157

Oh man how I love them for that :)2012-10-14 Lake Powell 62164

My favorite two shots:2012-10-14 Lake Powell 621682012-10-14 Lake Powell 62170You never know what kind of a mood you’ll be met with by Lucy.

2012-10-14 Lake Powell 621752012-10-14 Lake Powell 62177

Ready to be done…2012-10-14 Lake Powell 621812012-10-14 Lake Powell 621832012-10-14 Lake Powell 62189

In the end, a moment of time was captured.  That’s how we looked in 2012.  And how I want to always remember these days.  The good that shows up on the card, AND the bad and frustrating moments behind it all.  Because that’s what makes up life.

And the downs are what makes the ups that much better. 

So long 2012.  Thanks for being good to us.

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