Monday, November 19, 2012

job jar

Continuing on my musings about what I’m grateful for…

I’m grateful for some mom out in cyberspace named Becki (who I do not personally have the pleasure of knowing).

And that somehow something led me to her post about how she gets her kids put their stuff away because man alive, it is awesome. (The post is here…it’s kind of like the Joy School “Gunny Bag” who “eats left-over toys” with a twist.)

Her brilliant idea gave me the brilliant idea to add her funny jobs into our five-minute job jar I talked about back at the end of this post:


Now, I don’t know if I’ve talked about how much I adore this little jar (the one on the right above).

It works miracles I tell you.

When my children forget a job, tease each other, forget their manners, ignore me, etc. (which happens all too often) it is just so magically easy to calmly tell them to go pick out a job from the jar.  If I remember to do this instead of getting all huffy and slamming a door, it takes all the emotion out of it, nudges the kids to make better choices next time so they don’t get stuck with a trip to the job jar, and makes our house a lot cleaner.  (A list of jobs we have in there is here.)

But last week, inspired by Becki’s post, we added a whole slew of her ideas into that thing.

I had Claire fold them up and add them to the jar.

At first she wasn’t paying attention and just started stuffing them in.  But then she started reading them as she folded.

But as soon as she started reading what they said she perked right up:2012-11-16 fall 64670

You know it’s gonna be a good thing when her face looked like this when she found a particularly amusing one:2012-11-16 fall 64666

…and she just kept getting more and more excited as she went.2012-11-16 fall 64668

That hair is “keeping it real.”2012-11-16 fall 646692012-11-16 fall 64665

My personal favorite is: “Rub your Dad’s head for ten minutes while telling him how thankful you are for him working so hard.”

Oh and Claire was beyond amused that one of them called for making a bed with a blindfold on…and another for making up a song about having a clean house and perform it for your family.

But I think this one was her favorite:2012-11-16 fall 64667

I mean, there’s got to be some mercy in there with the punishments, right?

I couldn’t help but smile to myself that evening when she and a friend were trying to find something new to do and Claire’s eyes brightened up.

“I know! Let’s pick some jobs from our new job jar!” she suggested with glee.

Her friend looked at her kinda funny but tried to be a good sport. 

Five minutes later I had a scrubbed fridge and two happy girls eating a treat just as the slip of paper had directed them to do after they finished. 

Yeah, I love this thing.2012-11-16 fall 64679And I love my new-friend-Becki-who-doesn’t-know-who-I-am too :)  I’m grateful that she reminded me jobs don’t have to be all drudgery.

The only problem is that maybe now my kids will WANT to get sent to that job jar.  But hey, if they do, I’ll sure have a sparkling house and some happy kids to show for it.

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