Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween 2012

2012-10 halloween

(Confession:  I made Max stick on something from the costume box just for this collage…sorry Max, but you’re kind of a cute alien volleyball player… :)

Let’s take a little closer look at these guys.

Mitt Romney:2012-02-10 iPhone 44864

Punk Rocker:2012-10-31 Halloween 64003

Black Cat:2012-05-14 end-of-the-year 48788

Gangster:2012-10-31 Halloween 63985Do you like those arm tatoos she got just for the occasion?

Basketball/volleyball player who is too old to dress up:2012-10-31 Halloween 640522012-10-31 Halloween 639992012-10-31 Halloween 640062012-10-31 Halloween 64024

It was the best Halloween ever because seriously, we chilled.

Usually we have a big hoopla pot-luck dinner with a bunch of neighbors.  I’m always scrambling to get stuff ready for that, get kids gussied, take pictures, etc. But this year we purposefully just hung out and did our own thing. We missed the friend thing, but we still hung with friends during the Trick-or-Treating rounds.  And I loved it.  I think everyone was a little less stressed.

Elle’s Gangster buddy came over to pick her up for their teenager get-together.2012-10-31 Halloween 64040

(Too old for Trick-or-Treating.)2012-10-31 Halloween 64047

I LOVE this picture:2012-10-31 Halloween 64054

Mitt just hanging with the girls…2012-10-31 Halloween 64058

Love these two punk rockers.2012-10-31 Halloween 64055

…who got a boatload of candy:2012-10-31 Halloween 64060

Everyone took off in their own directions in our neighborhood crawling with kids.  Dave, Josh and I hung with Lucy, the only one who wanted to be around us boring grown-ups. 

Claire and her friend came home and literally carpeted our floor with their candy for the “candy trade.”2012-10-31 Halloween 64064

And Grace joined in shortly after (after I went to drag her home).2012-10-31 Halloween 64074

It’s a good thing these little sisters got a good candy haul because they are sharing with the non-trick-or-treaters (Max and Elle) just as great as can be.

Lucy melted my heart when we got home from our short little Trick-or-Treating stint.  She was SO excited to pass out candy.  When we got dangerously low, she came up with a great solution all by herself:  She happily dumped her bag of candy into the Trick-or-Treat bowl and continued to give it ALL out to all the goblins and ghouls that came by.

Oh man, love that little black cat.

Dave and I went to pick up Max and friends at a HUGE teenager party.  Wowzers, we could hardly get into that neighborhood to grab them it was like teenage haven galore.  I wish I had a picture of him in his Steve Nash jersey with that big smile stretched across his face from all the fun.

It was a great night, but I was still happy as could be to pull down those decorations first thing the next morning and get onto Gratitude Month.

I love November.

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