Friday, November 23, 2012

give-away winner

Thanks for all the great entries for the book give-away!

The winner (picked by is “The Hulls” who said:

I would love to read this book!! I just finished your mom's, Joyful Mother! Loved it!! Really helps us keep things in perspective;)


Please send your address to me at sepphotography at gmail dot com and I’ll have them send it right out.

For those who still want to order the book, click here for ordering information. 

Also, click here if you’d like to read some excerpts and other great info. about the book.  What a great Christmas gift for all those mothers in your life…or for yourself (because we all know sometimes we have to take the initiative there, right?).


  1. Dear Shawni,
    I am a religious reader of your blog! Thank you for everything that you stand for.

    Shawni, I live in Argentina, & I'm doing a service project with my family for as many children as possible. I'm sure you get tons of crazy requests to 'link' readers, but this is a super easy way to make a HUGE difference for a child in South America. Right now our goal is to help 50 children, but there are hundreds in need. I just posted the idea to my readers today, but felt I should tell you about it.
    Sincerely, Sharee Wolfley
    Here is the link:

  2. What do your parents do for Christmas gifts for all the grandchildren. We are trying to convince our parents they don't need to buy everyone a gift. It's just too much and not necessary.

  3. I love what you've got here, Shawni! Here's a post with a little more about giving our kids the gift of giving (fun photo of me and Shawni as kids with our other siblings):

    And here's a post that offers more ideas on where to draw the line on giving stuff to your kids and keep Christmas giving a little simpler:


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