Thursday, November 8, 2012

chicken corn chowder

My cousin Kara made this soup for us at book club a couple months ago and I’ve been craving it ever since. 

So I made it for Halloween night instead of our traditional taco soup.  I got pumpkin bread bowls to make it extra festive.

2012-10-31 Halloween 64028

I think I was WAY more excited about those bowls than my family was.  Let’s just admire that work of art for a minute…

Ok, here’s the recipe:

2 large cans chicken broth

2 pkg. cream cheese, softened (I just used one because that’s all I had and it was still delish)

1 chopped onion

2 cloves crushed garlic

1 bunch cilantro, chopped

1 tbs. chili powder

1 tsp. cumin

2 c. or 16 oz. Pace picante

3-4 cans of chicken (I boiled and shredded mine instead cause that’s what Kara did and I loved hers…)

1 c. milk or cream (I used cream cause I wanted to make up for the lack of cream cheese…)

2 cans corn

1 can black beans (drained)


Sauté onion and garlic in 2 tbs. olive oil, add broth, milk or cream, cream cheese, corn, salsa, beans and bring it all to a boil.  Add the cilantro and chopped avocado at the very end of cooking.  You can add a dollop of sour cream, cheese or crushed chips but I think it’s perfect without.

Makes my mouth water to think about this…maybe I better go make some more.

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