Monday, October 8, 2012

zone chart

I’d like to kiss the feet of the mother (or father) who came up with the tried-and-true "circle chart” idea.

2012-10-08 zone chart 61942

We are using it for “zones” around here (after some serious need of re-vamping jobs) and it’s working some magic.  And even though I know it could use one of those little brass “brads” in the middle to help it turn, tape has been working like a charm when we rotate that blue circle around each week.

When we are getting ready to pile in the car to go somewhere I yell out “let’s get zones done!” and they scamper off to tidy things up (ok, most of the time…if they’re not in the middle of an argument about something or other).

I am in love with that little sucker.  It’s an integral part of this new whiz-bang system we’ve got going that I’ll have to explain when I’m not on my way out the door.

Happy Monday!

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