Tuesday, October 9, 2012

fear factor

This year at Bear Lake there was a new segment of the reunion added called “Fear Factor.”

I’m pretty sure it’s one that will be sticking around for the long haul.  Because it was a hoot I tell you.  (man, I do sound like my mother:)

Before I explain the gory details I must put a little disclaimer out there lest anyone be dismayed and duped into thinking these children were forced to participate: 

1) All children participated willingly and knew they could withdraw at any time.

2) There were no children harmed in the process of this competition.

3) One of the rules was: “you can cry if you want to.”  Or maybe I just added that…

4) All the foods were perfectly edible and got the kids all prepped for foods they may be partaking on a regular basis if they ever find themselves living on the other side of the planet.

Ok good, got that taken care of. 

Oh, one more thing…my sister-in-law Kristi took the awesome expression pictures in this bunch, not me.  So I can’t take any credit for those beauties.

Here we go.

“Who wants to participate in something called ‘Fear Factor’?”

“Oh me, pick me!  What? there are prizes if you make it through all the rounds?  Oh sign me up!”2012-07-16 Kristi's pictures 55200

My brother sets the rules and a teensy bit of trepidation creeps in:2012-07-16 Kristi's pictures 55209

…a little more:2012-07-16 Kristi's pictures 55211

…”say what? we will be eating what?”2012-07-16 Kristi's pictures 55215

“Yeah, we’re all still good.  We get the rules and we’re up for the challenge.  Excuse me while I have a little hair for my appetizer.” (see Elle)2012-07-16 Eyrealm reunion 54789

Round 1:  Lemons

“Yeah, a little bit sour but I can handle this.” (Grace)  “Easy peasy!” (Max)2012-07-16 Eyrealm reunion 54796

“Oh my word, I don’t know if I can do this!” (Claire)2012-07-16 Eyrealm reunion 547972012-07-16 Eyrealm reunion 54798

“You can do it, Lu!”2012-07-16 Eyrealm reunion 54816

Round 2:  Tomato Juice

2012-07-16 Kristi's pictures 55198

Testing the “plugging-your-nose” theory:2012-07-16 Kristi's pictures 552502012-07-16 Kristi's pictures 552572012-07-16 Kristi's pictures 55256

“Can I please have some more?”2012-07-16 Kristi's pictures 55266

Plugging-your-nose theory goes down the toilet:2012-07-16 Kristi's pictures 55260

And with that, poor Grace and Claire were out.

Round 3:  Seaweed

2012-07-16 Eyrealm reunion 54819

The “seaweed series” was my favorite.  My sister-in-law brilliantly caught these shots of my sister’s twins:2012-07-16 Kristi's pictures 552842012-07-16 Kristi's pictures 552862012-07-16 Kristi's pictures 55289

“Done!”2012-07-16 Kristi's pictures 55290

“Yeah, not going there…I’m good with my wing-dinger of a prize from the first two rounds.”2012-07-16 Eyrealm reunion 54820

Round 4:  Squid

2012-07-16 Kristi's pictures 55299

2012-07-16 Kristi's pictures 55317

Round 5: teeny pickled eggs of some sort

“Maybe it will help if I pull my eyelids off…”2012-07-16 Kristi's pictures 55334

“…Or do some serious meditation.”2012-07-16 Kristi's pictures 55342

Round 6: dried little teeny fish with eyeballs that look up at you2012-07-16 fear factor 55048

2012-07-16 Kristi's pictures 55369

Round 7: pickled cockroaches 2012-07-16 fear factor 55050

Ok not really, but they sure looked like it and I can’t read that writing.

2012-07-16 Kristi's pictures 553742012-07-16 Kristi's pictures 55383

2012-07-16 Kristi's pictures 55304

2012-07-16 Kristi's pictures 55358

I don’t even remember what the food was on the last round, but it was down to Max and his 11-year-old cousin.2012-07-16 fear factor 55054

Max could NOT get that chewy, rubbery, whatever-it-was down.2012-07-16 Eyrealm reunion 54828

So his cousin Isaac came out triumphant.  And I don’t even have a picture of that, darn it! 

The very best part was watching the audience cheer the kids on.2012-07-16 Eyrealm reunion 54830

Yeah, I think “Fear Factor” will be sticking around.  I just hope it doesn’t include adults next year.

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