Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"the big talk" #4

Our fourth child turned eight back in January.

Which, in our family, means not only does she get to be baptized:
(see more on that back here),

...but that she also gets to be in on some pretty important news.

Like, I'm talking BIG news.

News about the most "beautiful, amazing, wonderful thing in the world."

And it means Dave and I get to review this little beauty in order to help us let her in on all that big information:

Yes, we believe that eight-years-old is the perfect age for the "Big Talk."  And yes, I know I'm biased because my parents wrote that book.

But man alive, I have to say they are smart.

I still remember my "big talk" when I was eight.  I don't remember exactly what they said, but I remember sitting on the couch at our house in Virginia and feeling so much love from those two parents of mine because they cared enough to explain that to me so lovingly.  I never worried about brining any question in the world up to them after that.

I knew I could talk to them about anything.

Now, I know some may say eight-years-old is too young.  Eight-year-olds are too naive, too innocent, it's too much for them to carry around on their minds and in their hearts.

But Dave and I agree with my parents that it's the best way to do it.  Sure, some kids may be ready earlier, and some really need a little more time, but in general, eight is a perfect age of innocence and awe for explaining something so big and so important.

We want our line of communication about these things to be as open as possible with our children, especially with all the media and television and internet surrounding them, screaming out every kind of sexual innuendo in every form aiming for any age group they can lure in.

For us, starting that relationship of trust early seems to work like magic so far.

Even though we are all hunky-dorey about the idea of "the talk" at age eight, it took us until this last weekend to actually get to it.

Which was perfect.  I mean, she's still eight, right?  Eight and seven months was perfect for Claire.

We took her out to our favorite restaurant that had a forty minute wait.
So we hung out in the car and had the big talk right then and there while we were waiting.

Even on the fourth time through this schpeal, I still have to keep referring to the parts I've underlined in that book every two minutes to get it to come out all right.  But we lovingly delivered the news, and she was all wide-eyed and smiles about it.

(I have to say the book is outlined really well for discussion, thanks mom and dad!)

Then we went in and had a delicious dinner and answered the few questions she had.
Man, I love this girl.

How I hope that she will always know how dearly we love her and want to help her figure out this often-tricky life that lies ahead for her.  And how sacred and beautiful bringing a child into the world can be.

We sealed the deal with a "pizookie"...
...I don't know that there's a better way to finish up a night like that :)

For reviews and ordering information about the book, click here.  For my recap of when we had "the talk" with Grace click here.
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