Thursday, August 9, 2012

back to school

The evening before the beginning:

2012-08-07 new school year 59277

The fixing of the cousin haircut fiasco:2012-08-07 new school year 592882012-08-07 new school year 59290

I cried just a little bit.2012-08-07 new school year 59291

…but tried to put on a happy face.2012-08-07 new school year 59293

Turn-out: better than I thought.  Love this girl.2012-08-07 new school year 59299

The first day

The high school shift:

2012-08-08 new school year 59309

Sophomore:2012-08-08 new school year 59314

Freshman:2012-08-08 new school year 59307

The elementary school shift

6th Grade:2012-08-08 new school year 59318

3rd Grade:2012-08-08 new school year 593232012-08-08 new school year 593242012-08-08 new school year 59332

Kindergartener:2012-08-08 new school year 593332012-08-08 new school year 59339

Good friends:2012-08-08 new school year 593422012-08-08 new school year 593472012-08-08 new school year 593492012-08-08 new school year 59358

Traditional after-school “cookie-chat:”2012-08-08 new school year 59364

They had a great first day…I’m so glad about that. I love that Elle will tell me everything Max forgets.2012-08-08 new school year 593672012-08-08 new school year 59375

Luckily I have older children to remind me to run get my kindergartener off the bus:2012-08-08 new school year 59372

I had kind of held my breath about this girl…so worried about her and how she’ll adjust from a classroom of 15 with three teachers to a classroom of 25 with one.

So far so good.2012-08-08 new school year 59380

Memory game with all the neighbors (even though they’re not in this pic).  When you get a match you tell one thing that happened during the day.2012-08-08 new school year 59390

What did I do all day?  Went to get my gray hair covered up.  And answered 57 emails. 

And tried to breathe. 

I still don’t know how this happened so quick.

And I still don’t get why we have to start school when it is 114 outside.  Literally.

But I’m so glad they’re all so happy.  We are so lucky to have such great schools and such great teachers.

We did finally get to Target last night to get some school supplies and they lugged them off triumphantly for their second day today. 

Slowly but surely we’re pulling it together :)

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