Wednesday, July 11, 2012

my eagle project

Hi, this is Max.  I'm hijacking my mom's blog today to explain about my Eagle Project that I'm working on right now. 

We are going to India this summer to work at a school for kids whose parents are affected with leprosy.  They wouldn't get an opportunity to get an education without this school because they would have no other choice than to beg on the streets.  The school is called Rising Star and we are extra excited to go there because we have been sponsoring a boy who goes there named Krisnamoorthy for the last two years.
(Rising Star sent us that picture after we sent him our Christmas card last year.)  I am really excited that we will get to meet him (my mom wrote about him here).

I decided since we're going there to do my Eagle project to help the kids there.  We have talked to the lady who is over the education at the school and have learned that they really need books for early readers (they are requesting "Magic Tree House" books because they help the kids learn English and are very entertaining) so a big part of my project is making phonics flashcards for the kids and collecting book donations.  I have collected a lot of them, but we are still hoping to buy more books when we get to India and are asking people to donate money to help us get their library stocked up ($5 per book, we will purchase them in India to hopefully help their economy over there).

As part of the requirements for our trip I am also supposed to get support from others to help donate to the general funds of the school.  Each volunteer is supposed to raise $500-$1,000.  I have already raised some money, but my family and I would love your support (and a lot of people have asked if they can help).  Because we are going to volunteer there, we are becoming partners with Rising Star.  Any donations you make will make you a partner in helping this school to keep helping the kids that go there.

If you would like to help by making a donation (even $5 will help), here are the instructions: 
  • go to
  • click on DONATE then DONATE NOW
  • click on OTHER GIFT OR EVENT and fill out your information
  • Gift Designation will be GENERAL FUND
  • **In the comments box write MAX POTHIER
  • What prompted this gift? VOLUNTEER PROGRAM.
That way they will know to designate any money you donate toward what our family will be doing there.  Any amount will really help these kids have a better future.
Thank you for your help.
From, Max
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