Tuesday, July 24, 2012

India so far

We are in India. 

It is quite surreal.  I cannot believe we are actually here.

2012-07-23 summer 56687

Surrounded by all these cute kids at Rising Star. 

Two-hundred-and-thirty of them to be exact.2012-07-22 India 56332

We got here on a Sunday afternoon and after us girls changed into our “Indian gear” that girls wear here at Rising Star to fit into the culture better:

2012-07-22 India 56325

…we went right out to greet the kids and hang out with them during their free-play time.

I knew I’d love seeing my kids with them, but I didn’t realize it would actually hurt to feel my heart swell up with so much love for them as they have forgotten themselves and immersed themselves into what we’re doing here.

2012-07-22 India 562982012-07-22 India 56284

The kids are super into Elle’s braces…especially since she has big elastics on them right now.2012-07-22 India 56297

2012-07-22 India 562942012-07-22 India 56306

2012-07-22 India 56295

They are pretty into Dave too…especially since he got right in and played cricket with them:

2012-07-22 India 56313

…and our friend told them he is from Hollywood. 

They think he is Iron Man.2012-07-22 India 56318

His “bionic foot” actually helps the cause (I don’t think I have written yet how he broke his foot playing tennis at Bear Lake…)2012-07-22 India 563202012-07-22 India 56291Yeah, they really like Dave.2012-07-22 India 56337

But back to our journey just for a minute, because not only can I not believe we’re here, I can’t believe all our baggage is actually here too…

2012-07-20 summer 56637

(That was just a little part of it with all the Eagle project stuff.)

We had a fun loooooooooonnnnnnnngggg trip to get here.

Aren’t these cool seats?  Max drooled a little bit as we walked by them.2012-07-20 summer 56642

We were pretty happy in the ones below though.  Man alive, it’s been so fun to be with these kids who are so darn excited.  And we’re loving having them all to ourselves.2012-07-20 summer 56644

We had a four hour layover in Hong Kong so we grabbed a train to the city:2012-07-21 summer 56653

…and happened to walk right into the fourth tallest building in the world where we could take in the view of the city. (We were really glad it was inside because it was raining pretty well outside and being on our next leg of the flight wouldn’t have been so fun being totally wet.)2012-07-21 India 562512012-07-20 India 56485

This may be a good time to introduce the Daltons (below).  They are our new neighbors (when we finally move into our new house).  When we told them we were going to India they asked if maybe they could join us.  We told them “you bet,” not thinking there was really a chance in the world that they would really come but here they are.2012-07-20 India 56489…and we are loving having them along for the ride.  They brought their two oldest of five kids too and are super smart and are giving us so much info. and history about India.  It’s awesome.

This is the building we were in.2012-07-20 India 56487

Here are the kids taking it all in.2012-07-21 India 562522012-07-21 India 562532012-07-21 India 56255

Poor Dave….  Talk about brave to be here with that darn broken foot…and HOT.  (It is almost 100 degrees here with almost 100 percent humidity.)  2012-07-21 summer 56648

This sign and all the Indian people swarming the gate area made my heart jump a little bit.2012-07-21 summer 56654

After a delayed flight taking off from Hong Kong we arrived in Chennai at 2:30 in the morning.  2012-07-21 India 56490We were pretty excited to have all of our bags mosey on out of the baggage claim.

We went to our hotel and slept for three hours and then headed to church.  2012-07-21 India 562592012-07-21 India 56262

One of my favorite things about church was being surrounded by all these beautiful Indian women dressed to the hilt in their saris and hearing them talk about how much they love God and Jesus Christ.  And I loved sitting in Sunday School trying my darnedest to figure out what they were saying through their thick accents and being able to hear the Primary kids on the other side of the wall singing “I Am a Child of God.” 

My other favorite part was sending off Elle to Young Women.  She had quite an experience in there since no one spoke any English except for the Young Women theme.2012-07-22 summer 566552012-07-21 India 56265

From there we got in a van and headed here to Rising Star.2012-07-21 India 56266

Through streets like this:2012-07-22 summer 56657

Just in time for free-play time and dinner on the floor with these sweet kids, eating with our hands per their instructions.   2012-07-22 India 56344

I won’t ever forget that feeling sitting cross-legged surrounded by those smiling excited kids, a little jet-lagged with ants crawling all around us and noticing the abundance of lice on their heads.  (I guess there’s been a little bit of an outbreak since they got home from break back in their leprosy colonies.)

It sounds a little daunting and it was certainly baptism by fire but sitting there by these cute kids and having my family around me interacting with all the enthusiasm and smiles you can imagine, it was the most amazing feeling ever.

More soon…

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