Tuesday, July 17, 2012

lingering Young Women stuff

When I got released from being the Young Women's president I knew I'd be sad because I adored (and still adore:) those girls.  But I also thought I would be relieved.  It was a LOT of work and there were so many other things on my plate that I could not keep up with for the life of me.

It was a very good thing I got released when I did because in the first three months I went without those wonderful girls I was in town three Sundays (there was SO much going on).

But man, I missed those girls more than I could have ever realized I would and the relief I expected took a long time in coming.

When I passed off all my stuff to the new Young Women president I could hardly bear it.  I had to take a picture of my lingering stuff I couldn't quite pass on:

I lingered outside their classroom on the Sundays I was there and it felt so weird to drop off Elle and Max at their activities on Wednesday nights and not stay.

Gradually I started to feel how nice it was not to have to worry about all the logistics that went into every activity, every meeting, every group text, everything I was supposed to be doing and couldn't quite get to.

Of course, other things have piled into my life and filled it up every nook and cranny Young Women things left behind, but oh how grateful I am for that experience with those girls and I will always have a special spot in my heart for them and all the wonderful things I learned as their leader. 

There are a couple things I never wrote about that I wanted to pass on.

Because good Young Women ideas need to be shared:

1) Personal Progress ideas.  

As far as the leader responsibilities go (a few questions were asked by blog readers about how we did that), we had two advisers in each group. One helps more with activities and the other is the Personal Progress point person and everyone rotates in teaching on Sundays. Each one of those personal progress leaders emails the girls and their parents each week to let them know what part of PP was covered in the lesson on Sunday and what part of PP will be involved in the mutual activity that week. That way the parents can be involved more with their girls as they strengthen their testimonies. 
One of my favorite ideas we started right when I was getting released (the idea was from my amazing counselor Ashley who is now the new president) was the "personal progress 'p'" idea.  

One girl starts with this metal "P" being placed in their yard.  It stays there until the girl completes a project in her Personal Progress book, then she passes it on to another girl to get her going.  If you are in the possession of the metal "P" at church on Sunday you wear this necklace to remind you to get in gear and get it done: 

2)  My friend invited us to do a speed dating activity.  It was fun because it got all the youth mingling with other kids in other high school boundaries. 

In our day and age of technology and facebook and texting I think any real, live mingling sure is a good thing.

The girls had so much fun and so did we. 

These are some of my girls.  Oh how I love them.
This guy came really prepared to impress the girls:

Our old presidency went out to lunch for old times sake a little bit ago.
Sure love those ladies.
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