Thursday, May 3, 2012

health and green smoothies

Generally when Dave goes out of town I have a project.

I clean out all the closets or I paint a room.  Some trips he comes home to find that I've figured out a new filing system or I've labeled a whole batch of pictures.

So when Dave went to China this last time I outlined my "project" carefully.

I was going to get healthy.

This Hashimoto's stuff has kind of given me a little bit of a scare.  My general theory about health is that you just pick up and keep on going no matter how awful you may feel and everything works out.  

But the only problem was that this time around things weren't "working out."

I was so tired I could hardly see straight.  Which equals a grumpy, emotional mother/wife/friend, etc.

I was determined to get a handle on things.

So first I set goals for myself to sleep more.  And second I set out to the farmer's market and came home with this:

 I read up on the couple "green smoothie" recipes I had on hand and whipped up this:

This was what greeted my children when they walked in the door from school:
I was so proud of myself as I plugged my nose and tried to gulp that stuff down.  I must have really messed up on the recipe because it did not resemble the deliciously refreshing smoothie my cousin had whipped up for me last summer.

I hoped the kids would somehow miraculously love my creation but they had about the same expression I pictured on my own face when they tried it.

About ten minutes after they got home I came in the kitchen from the laundry room to find this:

Yeah, my health plan has a way to go.

But gradually we're getting better!

Since then I have experimented with recipes and have come up with a few winners (which I will post soon), but in the meantime, please send green smoothie ideas my way.  I'll share yours and mine at the same time and we can all get healthy together :)
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