Thursday, February 2, 2012

heart attack

We did our traditional family "heart attack" for Family Home Evening this week.

Each year near Valentine's Day we like to cover our kitchen and family room with love by writing down all the things we love about each other.
We glue yarn around some of the hearts to make them a little fancier. (Max was sick on the couch for this and Dave was taking the pictures but they were there basking in the love too :)

Then we read them all aloud.

Each year my favorite part is to watch the kids' expressions when we read what everyone loves about them.

Then we slap them up all over the place.

It's kinda fun to be surrounded by love all month :)

These are some of my very favorites that I couldn't pass up a chance to post on their own:
(that says "sis" at the end....heart melter even though she was kinda trying to be funny)
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