Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Q & A -- money and mothering

What types of chores do you have your kids do for extra money? {I think this question was inspired by this post.}

Right now these are some of the things on our "money job" list:
scrub kitchen baseboards, clean out fridge, dust all glass jars above kitchen cabinet, dust pot rack, sweep off front porch, clean out BBQ grill, clean out and organize pantry, enter pictures into blog posts for your mother :)

Our regular Saturday job list is in this post back here.

Is max's card debit? {this question was from this post}
Yes it absolutely is. Man alive I LOVE that this kid has a real bank account. He works at Dave's office after school each day and is our pool boy (see this post) so he's earning a little cash on the side. Each time he makes a deposit, he immediately moves 20% of that into his savings account and takes 10% out to put in an envelope for tithing. I adore that he's learning that habit early. (More about the 10-20-70 principle back here.)

What do you think are the most important attributes of being a mother and why?

Wowzers, I could go on and on all night about that one. But if I had to narrow it down to two words I'd say: "love more." No matter what. In the tantrums, in the eye-rolls, in the chaos, if I just stop myself from turning into a ranting lunatic and count to ten I try to remind myself how much God loves those darling children he's entrusted me with and try to have that same love, I've found I'm more patient, kind, concerned, and happy as a mother.

I'm so glad to have that saying above my front door as a reminder. (Because believe me, I haven't' been so hot at that lately.)

Another important attribute is to take yourself and all that goes on around you lightly. Take it all in with a sense of humor. Have FUN.

And DON'T compare yourself to others and try to change yourself into them because they do such-and-such better than you. Be your own best kind of mom. Because that's the mom your children need. YOU. The best YOU you can be.

Post edit note: Oh my gosh, I forgot to add this yesterday because I was rushing at 5:00 to get this post in, but speaking of Motherhood, one of the best ways I know to figure out how to be your own best kind of mom is in a Power of Moms motherhood retreat. Click here to see the ones that are coming up. My heart is breaking because I'm supposed to go to the Australia one. It would be a dream come true. But we have too many complications with the dates. Oh how I would LOVE to be there. It is sure to be an amazing experience for all involved.
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