Wednesday, November 9, 2011

retreat give-away

Ok, so we are having a Motherhood Retreat here in the desert on November 19th.
Yes, like, in a week and a half.

American Mothers, Inc. is co-sponsoring the event with Power of Moms.

And I'm excited.

I love to feel empowered to put good ideas to work and to be inspired by like-minded mothers.

We will have some really great speakers including some experienced "expert" mothers from American Mothers. We will have some parenting panels and discussions and will be sharing ideas on how to implement specific powerful mothering concepts into daily life. My sister and I will be speaking about family systems and how to become your own kind of best mom. And of course, we'll eat some great food :)

Here are a couple quotes from past Power of Moms retreat attendees:

"My husband is amazed at the peace and productivity that I brought home with me from the Retreat. Thank you for the life-altering changes on the way I look at motherhood and my life. I feel like a happier, healthier me."

"I'm leaving this retreat not just with my fire lit but with it BLAZING! I love the specific tools we got to implement all the great ideas...I feel inspired -- truly inspired."

(For more details about the retreat click here.)

There will also be a "Mind Organization for Moms" session on Friday the 18th, and it looks like we will be doing that part here at my house. I'm excited to get going on that organization of my mind again because man alive, it keeps getting out of place :) With the holidays coming, I need all the help I can get.

So, I'm excited that I get to do a give-away for this retreat. Right here, right now.

Please write a comment if you would like a chance to win! If you are not local but have a friend or relative you know would love to come go ahead and enter for them :) Hope to see you there!
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