Tuesday, July 26, 2011

4th of July in Coronado

We went to Coronado for the 4th of July.
It was our second year making that trip which pretty much solidifies it as a firm family tradition...at least in our kids' book. I honestly don't know if they could have had more fun or been more excited if we took a trip to the moon.

I know that Dave and I are fun. I mean, we can come up with a mean game of "golf" with some playing cards if you'll let us:). But I think the real reason the kids were so excited was because we went with all these people:
You see all those cute kids in there?

Yeah, that is kid paradise.

Plus, what child would be unhappy with a beach and a shovel?
...and a human elastic-band thing? C'mon and agree with me that there's not much better :)There are endless hours of entertainment on a beach, I tell you.(Claire's face pretty much says it all.)

On Sunday we took a pause from the beach and went to church and to visit Dave's cousin and his family who live close-by.
We love these guys and we hadn't seen them for a long time.

They had a baby we hadn't met yet and we were all enamored by him, especially Claire, my "baby" girl. (Sometimes I think she has I.W.A.N. as bad as I do!)
They fed us a delicious lunch in their beautiful home.

Then back to the beach:
I love to go back to the beach in the evening when the slant of the sun is so beautiful:

I think Lu is pretty funny in this series of pictures:
Lucy took it upon herself to make sure every sand castle across the beach was sufficiently demolished at the end of the day.

She didn't have much luck with this one though.
(Click here for more about that one.)

And here are some clips to give a little snippet into how the 4th-of-July-building went:

What a nice friend to carry that girl all the way to the "Burger Lounge" like that!

On the evening of the 4th we gathered for pictures:
This was my favorite view:
It was like the paparazzi.

Then we walked over for the big firework show....

...and stopped at picturesque spots en route.

The traditional glow-sticks were handed out.
We tried to make the word "Coronado" this way:

But it worked out cooler this way:Gotta love those fireworks.
Picture that they were awesome even though I don't have the greatest pictures of them...I was busy snuggling with Lu and Dave.
I'm so grateful for this country of ours.
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