Tuesday, June 21, 2011

summer goals

We are big summer goal fans in our family.

We have done them for so many years now that the kids just go on auto-pilot and start writing them down as soon as school is out.
(See Claire's deep concentration?)

We have the kids concentrate on three areas: 1) physical, 2) spiritual, and 3) mental.

We've been sticklers for exactly how to set up summer goals in years past...big posters with lots of little "bubbles" for them to fill in when they finish each part of the goal.

Then Dave introduced "calendar tracking" last year so that it would be easier for them to check their progress.

This year we gave them creative license to do their goals any which way suited them. They came up with a few different drafts before their final plans (and I have reserved the right to help tweak a few things here and there).

Elle started with this:
Then she divided it all into calendar form. Here's her June she's been keeping track of:(That was taken back on the 8th so yeah, doesn't show a whole ton of progress.)

Max decided to keep his pretty simple this year:
...which is totally fine by us...except that he needs to figure out his Eagle project plan too.

(She's added the "bubbles" to fill in since then, and yeah, some of those need to be tweaked just a tad to make them more track-able...esp the last one....)

This was Claire's first draft and I'm including it for two reasons:
1) I love that she thinks she wants to do P90X two times a week (I told her she could substitute a different workout if she decides she wants to), and
2) I love that it documents how Lucy's favorite color is black and she somehow figures out how to round up black markers and color on anything she can get her hands on these days...yes, that's her artwork showing through from the back.

Here's her final draft:
Yeah, she is teaching Joy School and man alive is she ever a great teacher (more on that later). And yes, she wants to be "friends" with Ammon and Mormon in the scriptures, meaning she wants to read about them enough to call them "friends." (I did that when I was young and I still remember it.)

So far we actually haven't been home all that many days, but when we're here these girls are serious about their swimming laps and workouts.
Maybe Dave and I are rubbing off on them after all...

Maybe a little too much. But hey, it's sure better than sitting around playing video games.

As for me, I am using this book as my guide for my summer goals:

Once again I threw away every flyer for summer camps and classes and we are sticking around together here as long as we're in town (which is not very much). A whole slew of friends join us each day after the kids are done with their morning chores/goals.

Each child is assigned a night to be in charge of making the dinner of their choice, we have cleaned out multiple drawers and closets, I am trying to make time for a mini "science camp" and to finish sewing our aprons we started last summer.

As always, I realize that sometimes I bite off more than I can chew, but we're trying to go with the flow and just enjoy being together.

Yep, I like summer.
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