Tuesday, June 28, 2011

once upon a time... (part 2)

(Part one is here.)

Once upon a time in a land smack-dab in the middle of the desert it was announced that a temple would be built. The people in the land round about were delighted. They loved temples. They loved the spirit that they could feel when they visited, or even passed by.

The preparations began.

Those preparations blossomed not only with the assembly of rock and steel that was hauled to the temple site, but preparations blossomed within the hearts of the people who were so glad for the temple to rise in their midst. They were determined to build up their goodness, their service, their spirits, right along with the physical building of that temple.

Through the grapevine some of the ladies in the stake primary heard of a great idea: have the children in the area write their name and possibly a little bit of what they believe on their own "temple rocks" to be put in the foundation of that temple. Part of what was in their hearts would be the bedrock of what that temple would become. When they passed by that temple in years to come, even when they were shrunken little grandparents far off in the future, they would know that part of "them" helped to support what that beautiful symbol of their faith.

Well, it so happened that these ladies who had heard the idea happened to be pretty good friends with the temple builder. And he kindly consented to let them add those rocks to the bedrock.

And so through much planning and ado on the part of the builder and the church leaders in that area, those rocks were written on, gathered, and placed right as part of that temple foundation.

Some very lucky families got to take part in the placement of the rocks (the thousands of people in that area couldn't very well fit in the space provided). One lady lucked out because she always had her camera attached at her hip. She was asked to photograph the whole thing. And she got to bring her lucky daughter with her:
Everyone delighted in the spirit of the occasion. They all caught the idea that they were taking part in something so much bigger than themselves.
The feeling of love and enthusiasm was palpable.And just like that, the testimonies of hundreds of children gained strength and vigor.

As did the foundation for a temple.
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