Tuesday, March 1, 2011


In a special awards gala dinner last month, I was named the "Young Mother of the Year" for my state by the American Mothers Association.

I know, I know, I think the nomination form failed to mention some key points that may have really docked my score had they come to the judges' attention: things like how I slam doors when I'm mad and how I missed my daughter's dance performance last week.

I know that there are so many other mothers who are much more worthy of this title than I am. I happened to be in the right place at the right time. But I am very honored. And my kids, bless their sweet little hearts, had stars in their eyes that they got to go to such a special dinner for their mom (Lucy got to stay home with a great babysitter).
I think it's interesting that my own mother happened to be the "Young Mother of the Year" in Utah years ago. I still remember when she gave her acceptance speech. My younger, teenager self was there in the audience with stars in my eyes, so proud of her.
She and my Dad flew down for the big event.My in-laws were in town from Idaho too and so many kind friends and family came to show their support.
Each of them is an amazing mother in her own right. I'm so grateful for their examples of honoring motherhood in my life.Elle was the self-assigned "event photographer" for our family.
She got some interesting shots.The Mother of the Year and Young Mother of the Year from 2010 spoke for a while, there were "Honored Mothers" who have done outstanding things in their communities who were recognized, and then the new Mother of the Year and I gave our little acceptance speeches.
They requested that I bring whatever I felt described me and display it there:
My table looked a little silly next to the Mother of the Year's table which was laden with awards of all sorts. She is quite an amazing lady.In April I will go to the national convention and meet all the other "Young Mothers" from across the United States and I'll meet regularly with the local chapter of American Mothers. Hopefully I will have some opportunities to do one of the things I love most: promote the power of motherhood.
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