Thursday, February 10, 2011

notes to self:

--The fact that I get really bad cold sores after being in the sun has not changed.

--I love how when Dave smiles he gets this vein that pops up down the center of his forehead.

--Getting a 24-hour urine sample from a four-year-old is no walk in the park. (Sorry if that's too graphic, but wow, that has engulfed my week.)

--Instructions for 24-hour urine samples are enough to put me over the edge. Especially when you mix them with the instructions for a simultaneous other test you're supposed to get your four-year-old to cooperate with. (Again, I know, too much information.)

--Lucy's new doctor has got to be so darn sick of me calling asking nit-picky details on how in the world I'm supposed to do these tests.

--Lucy's veins are still so darn tiny it is extra tricky (and takes forever) to get blood drawn from them.

--Don't plan to get to a hair appointment a half-hour after a blood draw for that girl. You'll never make it.

--If you decide to do an at-home hair-color kit in desperation after missing a hair appointment, don't leave it on your hair for 30 minutes while talking to fellow Young Women leaders. It will result in jet-black hair.

--I need to make the Yogurt Chicken Masala recipe from my new beloved "Keeping Up Cookbook" again in the future. It was a hit.

--Pre-schoolers are fun to do art projects with. I love Art Masterpiece.

--It is priceless to have a park right around the corner.

--I need to get to the park with my children more often.

--The Young Women in our ward can pull off anything. New Beginnings was last night and man alive, those girls were awesome. Even though we were all a little worried a half-hour before it began, in the back of my heart I always knew they'd be able to pull it off beautifully. And they did.

--Having a "board" of amazing women to work with in the Young Women is priceless. I love these women with all my heart.

--It is tough to be "present" when life is crazy. But I'm so glad my kids and Dave help remind me of that over and over.

--Just because one "big thing" or event is over doesn't mean you can stop and take a breather. Another "big thing" is always right around the corner.

--My laundry room may never be fully organized.

--I love listening to Dave explain the scriptures to our children.

--The desert is about the worst place in the world for allergies. We are all sneezing and sniffling like nobody's business.

--We have a negligent tooth fairy. She hasn't come in three months. Yep, that's not a typo. Three months.

--It really is almost Valentine's Day even though it seems like it was just Christmas yesterday.
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