Thursday, December 9, 2010

finally...another boy in the family

I've recently realized that I've failed to make an important announcement:

We have a new "son" in our family.

His name is Krishnamoorthy.

We "adopted" him last summer.

And it's too bad for poor Max that he lives on the other side of the India to be exact. Because we all know he could use some more boys around here!

To be clear, we didn't really "adopt" him in the sense you may be thinking of. We are his "sponsors." You see, when my brother and his wife got married last September and set off to do humanitarian service for a year (read more about that here), part of their work involved volunteering in an organization called Rising Star. And man oh man, those folks are making a difference in the world. They reach out to the colonies of people in India who are affected with leprosy. They have started a school that helps to educate the children of those with leprosy so they can lead a full life. (Those poor kids are usually rejected from society because people get so worked up about spreading leprosy...they explain all this much better on their website here.)

So Krishnamoorthy is not an orphan. He has parents. But because of leprosy they are unable to care for him as healthy parents would.

So we get to help.

And although we don't get to actually see him in person, we have fallen in love with him. He writes us sweet letters. Rising Star sends us pictures. He is one cute kid:

We send him pictures too:
I hope that some day maybe we can go meet him.

Until then, we will try to build our relationship through letters and count our coins to send them on over to India.
I am so grateful for the opportunity that we all get to open our eyes to what's happening outside of our little "bubble" here in the desert.

To find out more about sponsoring your own child, click here.
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