Thursday, June 3, 2010


Today this boy becomes a teenager:...without me by his side.

He's up at scout camp.

How could he dare leave us on this big day?

He didn't seem too sad about it when I dropped him off to join all his friends for a week:In fact, he was quite delighted. But my heart feels empty without him around.

Can I just say how much I adore this boy?

He is such a good kid.
Here's my list of 13 things I love about him to celebrate the big 13:

1) Max is such a good brother.He's so mellow putting up with all these girls surrounding him with their drama. But not only does he "put up" with them, he adores them. He genuinely likes to hang out with them. His face lights up when he sees them and it makes my face light up too.

2) Max is a good babysitter. I'm so thankful for that!

3) He's a good baker. He makes a mean chocolate chip cookie. He laughed when I got him a cookie recipe book for Easter but he actually likes it.

4) He makes good decisions. He decided all by himself to eat more healthy and inspired me to go off sugar for a week.

5) When Max sets his mind to something, he does it. (I wish he'd set his mind to always flush his toilet, though.)

6) He's thankful. I've never heard a kid say "thank you" so many multiple times for things. (This example makes our girls thankful too, and I'm thankful as can be for that.)

7) Max gets into sports. He loves to watch them with Dave and he gets SO into complaining about the ref. calls and talking to the tv (takes after his Dad).

8) After years of being scared to death of talking to adults, he's suddenly made up his mind to speak up. I love it.

9) Max is a hard worker. He mows our lawn like nobody's business and I love how when he decided he wanted to play football for the first time this year he worked so darn hard at it.10) Max is usually the first one to jump in and help with jobs I ask the kids to do around the house. For example, the rule around here is that we empty the dishwasher together, but most of the time it seems like it's just Max and me unloading. I kinda like it.

He's also quick to do whatever else I ask him to do. I must say this hasn't always been the case, but seriously, the second I ask him to empty a trash can or run something upstairs for me it's done without all the whining and complaining I get from my other kids...not to mention any names...

11) I love how he will still do my hair while I read to him.

12) I love how he still wants to sit by me at church and he'll give me Indian burns if I ask (I love Indian burns).

13) Max is not a big talker, but I love his big, sincere smile that talks for him when it comes out.

Since we don't get to be with him on the big day Dave's heading up today to bring him some little things and some love from us:
...and some birthday doughnuts for everyone else.

But the real fun will come next week when we celebrate with his first boy/girl party...whoo hoo!

Happy Birthday, Max.

I love you with all my heart.
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