Monday, June 14, 2010

home sweet home: family room/kitchen

I posted pictures of our kitchen "spruce-up" back here, but the family room and dining nook weren't done yet. So here they are.

Our family room/kitchen went from this:
to this:

...and the view coming from the other direction went from this:to this:
The dining nook went from this:
to this:(For more about that map, click here.)

And the family room took a lot of different looks before we really decided what we wanted. It went from this:

to this:
to this:
and finally to this:
I had some of my favorite places printed up on canvases to add some color:
(The top one is Wellesley College, middle is Bear Lake, and the last one is Utah.)

And you can read about the saga of making our family motto here.
Anyway, it's finally done, and we love how bright and light it feels.

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