Monday, May 24, 2010

home sweet home: dining room

This was our dining room a long time ago:
It held no furniture for YEARS (but it was a great dance/gymnastics room).

Then we finally filled it up:
And spruced it up a little bit with this molding:
Here is the finished product from one angle:

And here it is from the other direction:
(This is where we have Sunday dinner.)

That wall over yonder is my favorite part. Denise saw these old, rusty window panes at this antique shop and told me I needed them. She has vision. I do not. (I love her.)

Dave's comment when he saw those heavy metal things was that we needed to make sure we were all caught up with our tetanus shots.

But I LOVE how they turned out.

Denise had the idea to put a bunch of dining stuff in each frame, but I could never find enough stuff, so I got foam core board cut to fit in each frame, covered each one with white coarse linen, and stuck in pictures of places we've been (you know how I salivate over traveling the world). We like to talk about those places over Sunday dinner.

And it means something to all of us.
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