Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to my mothers

My Mother

--literally doesn't think of herself...always puts others first (anyone who knows her can vouch for the fact that I'm totally not exaggerating)

--loves the Savior and has instilled that love in each of her children though how she lives her life

--can travel around the world for a month with one little carry-on bag (so low maintenance) but still looks like a million bucks

--loves newborns just as much as I do:
(that one was Grace)

--one of my best friends in the whole world

My Mother-in-Law

--is more organized than anyone I've ever met (which gave Dave much disappointment when he married me and realized not all women are like that)

--has passed on her "sparkly-eye" gene to my children which I adore

--has the deepest insights into life that I love to discuss with her

--made each of my five babies an intricate baby quilt that they each loved to pieces...literally:

--has made me feel a part of her family from day one (even though I didn't talk one lick at first since I was so darn shy)

My Grandma Ruthie (my kids call her "Grandma Great")

--was a huge factor in the instigation of the Joy School program. I thought I was the luckiest kid on the planet each time we got to visit her original "Joy School" when I was a kid

--has one heck of a love story with her husband who died when they had five young children

--worked hard to raise those kids largely by herself and has always been so strong.
--taught me how to do dishes well. (can I just say how cute those kids are?)

Love you Grandma!

My Grandma Jacobson (I'm so sad I don't have pictures of her on this computer. She passed away shortly after Dave and I got married. I got my height and my teeth from her though so you can picture that...and don't make fun of my teeth...)

--her name was Hazel and she was so amazing that I wanted to name each and every one of my girls after her. Dave nixed the idea every time so I finally let my sister have it for her daughter (like I owned it). But Claire was the lucky one who at least got it for her middle name.

--taught us hard work. Each summer we would plant a huge garden in back of her house and she'd put us to work weeding, snapping peas, digging up potatoes...the works. She would let me sneak lettuce and sprinkle sugar on it to make the best sugar/lettuce roll-ups ever.

--had my mom when she was 41, and my aunt when she was 42 and taught them to be wonderful in every way.

I am so incredibly grateful for the wonderful examples I have of motherhood in my life.
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